Pythagorean Theorem Day

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In #mathematics, some #days / #dates are very important. For example, Today! Today’s date is 16.12.2020. Anything special?

Yes, today is the Pythagorean theorem day. It is a day in which the sum of the squares of the first two digits (date and month) equals the square of the last two digits (of the year). Following this we have

16² + 12² = 20² (256+144=400).

The last Pythagorean Theorem Day was on 15 th August 2017 since

15² + 8² = 17² (225+64=289)

Pythagorean theorem days are of special interest because it doesn’t happen every year.

In fact, we can’t find any such day in the next 4 years! The upcoming day will be 24.07.2025.


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