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Welcome to the blog Math1089 – Mathematics for All!

Glad you came by. I appreciate your spending time here at Math1089 very much. Thanks for encouraging my effort by reading all my blogs with interest. It is the journey of a thousand miles that has begun with a single step. Let’s us both – you and I – walk along the uncharted paths which mathematics has laid for eons.

According to Paul Halmos, “The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics“. To do mathematics, surely we need to play with numbers and various mathematical operations. Paul Erdős once commented “Why are numbers beautiful? It’s like asking why is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony beautiful. If you don’t see why, no one can’t tell you. I know numbers are beautiful. If they aren’t beautiful, nothing is.

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Math1089 is a place to learn mathematics in a joyful way. Actually, presence of the number 1089 paves the path for us. 1089 is in fact an odd number, which is also a perfect square with nine divisors, whose sum of the digits is eighteen, lying midway between two primes 1087 and 1091. The number becomes 9801 when reversed, and surprisingly we get the same result when we multiply 1089 by 9. Their product of 1089 and 9801 gives the square of the number 3267.

In decimal number system, we can always find 1089 . . .

Choose any three-digit number whose first and last digits differ by 2 or more. Then reverse the digits, and subtract the smaller from the larger one. Finally, add the reversed number with the original one to obtain 1089. In fact, if we choose 723 (or 327), then 723 − 327 = 396 and 396 + 693 = 1089, as expected.

1089 is neither triangular nor palindromic nor a perfect number. When divided into two parts like 10 and 89, their sum will produce 99, a palindrome. We can write 1089 in pyramidal form as below:

1089 = 10 + 23 + 34 + 45 − 52

1089 = 04 −16 +21 +33 + 45 + 50 + 62

1089 = 02 + 16 − 27 + 35 + 41 + 54 + 60 + 73

1089 = 05 − 17 + 24 – 38 + 46 + 55 + 61 + 73 + 82

1089 = 06 − 19 + 27 – 38 + 41 + 55 + 63 + 70 + 84 + 92

The number 1089 were cited by G. H. Hardy as examples of non-serious mathematics. Moreover, 1089 = 332 = 652 – 562 and this is the only two-digit example of this pattern.

At the close, it’s worth mentioning that, the properties we listed above are neither exhaustive nor we are trying to do that. Rather we are trying to show that how numbers and various mathematical operations together play the pivotal role.

About Us

Our visions are to make Mathematics enjoyable rather than frightening, to see structures, to use abstractions to perceive relationships than mechanical procedures, to reason out things, to argue the truth or falsity of statements than getting the formulas by rote, to see Mathematics as something to talk about instead of discussing about one’s failures.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for we would love to supply any additional information we obtain, if you came across some interesting ideas and eager to share with us, please drop a line at: math1089.9801@gmail.com

As a Mathematics teacher, I find the articles on Math1089 very engaging and informative. I often share these articles with my IB Diploma students, who work on math explorations as a part of the curriculum. Mathematics reading and writing should be encouraged from a young age and blogs like these are helping.”

Shirisha Kondury, Head Research and Training, CHIREC International School

Blog Math1089 is very Educative. It shall benefit all concerned in Mathematics. It is very lucidly written and explained. It can prove to be game-changer for those who are allergic to mathematics. They will start loving it gradually once they involve themselves in activities of BLOG Math1089.”

Deb Jyoti Mitra, Retired as Additional Principal, Chief Conservator of Forests

It is an excellent platform for the students and maths lovers to share and learn. The information regarding various series , convergence and divergence is given in very simple and easy language . Information regarding Happy number, Cullen number etc is something that is rarely known to many which was so well explained. The work done for the junior students on topic like BODMAS is easy even for the beginner . In short, blog Math 1089 is covering knowledge sharing to all the ages of the readers.”

Vipin Sharma, Ex-Principal, VBCV Jamshedpur

Math1089 is a wonderful initiative. Indeed, the problems are well posed. And the articles are well written and those beautifully convey the underlying concepts. It has the potential to portray Mathematics as a very engaging activity among the students.”

Siddhartha Sankar Chattopadhyay, Retired Mathematics Teacher, Bidhannagar Govt. High School, Calcutta

During one’s journey from being a student of mathematics to a mathematician one needs a mentor. Shyamalendu sir and Math1089 together are such a mentor. Math1089 has already done a great job in popularizing mathematics. I believe his hard work will benefit the practitioners of mathematics immensely. Wish Math1089 all the best.”

Gopal Dutta, Principal, Gyan Da International School, Nepal

I always found Math1089 very effective. In a very simple manner it makes Mathematics easy to understand for all type of learners.”

Rubbina Nishat, Principal, Sadar Alam Memorial Secondary School

The blog Math1089 contains a treasure chest of priceless articles involving numbers striking a clever balance between brevity and comprehensiveness. It is a must subscribe to blog for every Math lover, especially for the ones who can see the beauty of numbers.”

Smitha Rana, CAIE Math Mentor

I’d say that Math1089 is one of the best math sites for everyone who is interested in mathematics activities. In Math1089 you can find lots of math puzzles and math challenges problems. Shyamalendu has done great job in improving the site and managing it. It claims that he has good skills not only in mathematics as a subject, but also in enriching his platform with new impressive math problems and their solutions, every week.

Elton P., Mathematics Teacher, Regular contributor to the LinkedIn group Mathematical Olympiads

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