Towards Math

As are the crests on the heads of peacocks,

as are the gems on the heads of cobras,

so is mathematics, at the top of all sciences.

The Yajurveda, Circa 600 B.C.

Mathematics is the oldest field of knowledge and one of the central components of human thought. Some call it a science, others an art and a few liken it to a language. Mathematisation of a child’s thinking is the main goal of Mathematics education. Among ways of thinking, Mathematics demands an ability to handle abstractions and an approach to problem solving.

Our visions are to make Mathematics enjoyable rather than fear it; to see structures, to use abstractions to perceive relationships than mechanical procedures; to reason out things, to argue the truth or falsity of statements than formulas; to see Mathematics as something to talk about rather than to discuss about failures.

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Exposure should be given to the use of heuristics, visualization, modelling situations, spatial understanding. Rather than the rote learning of number sequence, learning should occur through activities and not through didactic communication. Mathematical games, puzzles and stories help in developing a positive attitude and in making connections between Mathematics and everyday thinking.

Proof is important and is a process that convinces a skeptical adversary. School Mathematics should encourage proof as a systematic way of argumentation and in addition to deductive proof, children should also learn when pictures and constructions provide proof.

There is a need to make connections between Mathematics and other subjects of study. When children learn to draw graphs, they should also be encouraged to think of functional relationships among Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Economics etc.

Why Towards Math?
  • Proof Without Words
  • Visual Understanding
  • Mathematics in Nature
  • Mathematics Around Us
  • Art Integration in Mathematics
  • Divergent Thinking
  • Applications of Mathematics
  • Play With Numbers


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