Numbers are Beautiful

We are surrounded by numbers and accustomed to seeing them in books, pages of a newspaper, street addresses, house numbers, or Aadhar cards. We use numbers almost always and don’t waste any time to observe some of their unusual properties. For example, Prof. Hardy considered 1729 as a dull number till before he had a talk with Ramanujan, which, from his viewpoint, was an interesting number! We can see the unusual underlying beauty of the numbers when we put some of our energy into them. Paul Erdős once said, why are numbers beautiful? Its like asking why is Beethovens Ninth Symphony beautiful. If you dont see why, someone cant tell you. I know numbers are beautiful. If they arent beautiful, nothing is.

Students often regard mathematics as a dry and obligatory course of study. To make it more interesting, we can show them few number oddities, which will bring some new life to the subject. We need to make them curious about the subject so that they get the motivation to dig further.

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