Playing With Numbers

9. The floor of a room is 8 m 96 cm long and 6 m 72 cm broad. Find the minimum number of square tiles of the same size needed to cover the entire floor.

10. In a school library, there are 780 books of English and 364 books of Science. Ms. Yakang, the librarian of the school wants to store these books in shelves such that each shelf should have the same number of books of each subject. What should be the minimum number of books in each shelf?

11. In a colony of 100 blocks of flats numbering 1 to 100, a school van stops at every sixth block while a school bus stops at every tenth block. On which stops will both of them stop if they start from the entrance of the colony?

12. Using each of the digits 1, 2, 3 and 4 only once, determine the smallest 4-digit number divisible by 4.


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