Mathematical Games

Game 6

I will reciprocate whatever assumption you make!

Imagine that You and your friend, Division, are playing this game together. Follow the steps to play the game.

Sl. No. Steps to follow  
1Ask Division to choose an even number
(let it be p).
p = 10
2Next, find its triple.10 × 3 = 30
3If the product is even, ask him to take half of it;
if it is odd, request him to add unity to it and
then to take half of it.
30 / 2 = 15
4Now, multiply the result of the third step by 3.15 × 3 = 45
5Ask how many integral times 9 divides into
the latter product: suppose the answer to be a.
45 / 9 = 5
a = 5
6Then the number thought of was 2a.2a = 2 × 5 = 10
Why does this always work?

This is a mathematical game that you can play with your friend Division several times. The final answer always ends up being double the quotient.

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