Mathematical Games

Game 3

Give Me 6

Suppose You and your friend Addition are playing this game. With your X-ray vision, you are able to see the number that appears on the page!

Sl. No. Steps to follow  
1Ask Addition to write any number (let it be Y)
on a page, without letting you see it. It can be
any number. (For convenience, the number should
not be more than ten digits)
Y = 465
2Multiply that number by 3.465 × 3 = 1395
3Add 18 to that result.1395 + 18 = 1413
4Multiply that result by 2.1413 × 2 = 2826
5Divide that result by 6.2826 / 6 = 471
6Subtract his original number from that total.471 – 465 = 6

This is a mathematical game that you can play with your friend Addition several times. The final answer always ends up being 6!

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