Mathematical Games

Game 5

Tell Me Your Shoe Size, and I Will Tell You Your Age!

Imagine that You and your friend, Multiplication are playing this game.

Note. This is valid with respect to the year 2023 only! Please make the necessary adjustments for other years as appropriate.

Sl. No. Steps to follow  
1Ask Multiplication to write his shoe size to the
nearest integer (let it be Z) on a page, without
letting you see it.
Z = 10
2Multiply it by 5.10 × 5 = 50
3Add 50 to the result.50 + 50 = 100
4Multiply now by 20.100 × 20 = 2000
5If your birthday has happened this year
Add 1023; else
Add 1022.
2000 + 1022
= 3022
6Subtract the year you were born. 3022 – 1981 = 1041
7The answer is your shoe size and your age (shoe size is first).10 and 41
Why does this always work?

This is a mathematical game that you can play with your friend Multiplication several times. The final answer always ends up being a number, where the first part is your shoe size, and the second part is your age!

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